Sunday, January 20, 2013

Start DUN without launching Blackberry Desktop Manager

I am having a Blackberry Curve and there is always a difficulty of starting Internet (DUN).

Duh! Blackberry Desktop Manager has been created over .NET Platform so its starting and operating is sluggish, it takes almost a minute on my desktops/laptops to start.

And there are a lot of posts describing how to connect to Internet using a Blackberry device, some of which Google indexes as the foremost are:
InetDaemon's IT Tutorials
How to Use a BlackBerry Curve As an Internet Connection

But this post is not about that, we all connect to internet everyday many-times, that's not an issue. The issue is how much time, memory, hard drive i/o we are wasting starting useless software's such as Blackberry Desktop Manager (BDM) for just establishing a DUN. Here's how you normally start BDM:
How to Start Blackberry Desktop Manager - CandorZ
Pic: How to Start Blackberry Desktop Manager

And here is a screenshot describing the useless consumption by BDM and related processes.

Task Manager - BDM and Related Processes - CandorZ
Pic: Task Manager - BDM and Related Processes
Totaling it consumes about 550 MB RAM, 850 MB of VM and more than 100 MB of Disk I/O. And yes, about a minute every time it requires starting.

Concluding this post, we only require to launch "Loader.exe" for enabling the Blackberry Modem.

But how to do that?

The executable should be located at the following location:
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\Loader.exe"

You also require to pass some arguments to it so it can locate the communications port and send some enabling code, here's how to find those arguments. The log file "loader*.txt" normally resides in the Users Temp Dirctory which is "%tmp%" or "%temp%". You can use Run Dialog to open it.
Open Temp Directory - CandorZ
Pic: Open Temp Directory
Here's the log file that you should open and the arguments have been highlighted:

Loader File - BDM - CandorZ
Pic: Loader File - BDM
Now we are ready with all the things we need.
Create a c:\bb.bat file and put the following contents in it (Remember my Notepad is in Text Warp mode so there are no new lines ("/n"). Do not press enter anywhere, the command is continuous.

bb.bat file for enabling Modem - CandorZ
Pic: bb.bat file for enabling Modem
Now whenever you want to start internet, just open Run (Win + R key) and type ("c:\bb.bat") as shown in the above screenshot. You are then good to go with your connection without ever requiring to launch BDM. Yes, BDM is good for taking backup of your phone in IPD file format. In some other post I would describe how to do that without launching BDM but that's for some other time.

Do comment about any issues or leave a greeting below in the Comments section - CandorZ

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